The Alpine/Manual Roller Coaster: A Fun Family Activity

safety briefing at the Branson Mountain Coaster

A young lady briefs riders on safe behaviors on the Branson Coaster.

What is an Alpine/Manual Roller Coaster? Everything You Need to Know

Have you been hearing a lot about alpine coasters and wondering what the excitement is all about? These types of roller coasters have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing thrill seekers with an adrenaline-filled experience that can’t be matched! Not only are they exciting to ride your own cart, but alpine AKA mountain coasters provide families with an unforgettable bonding opportunity. If your kids love rollercoasters but you’re not quite sure what exactly alpine coasters are or how it’s different from regular ones, we’ll explain everything you need to know right here!

What is a alpine roller coaster?

If you’re a thrill seeker, you may have heard of alpine mountain coasters. The alpine coaster is typically found in mountainous regions and follows a track that winds through the natural terrain. Riders board a sled-like cart with a manual brake lever, giving them a greater sense of control over their maximum speed. Riders must use a handlebar to brake and sometimes steer, adding an extra level of excitement to the ride. Mountain coasters offer an adrenaline rush and a chance to take in the beautiful scenery around you.

How long have alpine roller coasters been around?

Alpine coasters have been thrilling riders around the world for decades! These mountain coasters, which rely on gravity and momentum rather than motors, have been around since the early 20th century. The first alpine coaster was built in the Swiss Alps in the 1950s, and the design quickly spread to other countries like Austria and Germany. Today, you can find these exhilarating coasters at amusement parks and recreational areas all over the world. From the Alps to the Rocky Mountains, people of all ages enjoy the unique experience of riding an alpine coaster down a winding track. Whether you’re a coaster enthusiast or just looking for a little adventure, an alpine coaster ride is sure to be a memorable experience!

Why you should try the alpine roller coaster.

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling travel destination activity, then you should definitely try the alpine/mountain coaster. Unlike roller coasters you’d fine at a theme park, the alpine coaster relies on gravity and the rider’s control to navigate the tracks. The ride begins with a slow ascent to the top of the mountain, allowing you to take in the stunning views around you. But as soon as you reach the top, get ready for a heart-pumping ride down the mountain with sharp turns and long dips. Also being able to control the speed of your cart gives you the freedom to go as fast or slow as you want. Allowing for 2 types of experiences, an adrenaline rush and spectacular scenic view.

How do mountain coasters work?

Alpine coasters are categorized as thrill rides that uses a unique mechanism to operate. There are no motors on the track to propel you with speed, Instead mountain coasters like these use gravity. As the coaster car is pulled to the top of the track, potential energy builds up. Once released, the coaster cart will travel down the track, picking up speed based on the slope of the track and the rider’s control of the brake. The rider can adjust the speed by using the attached hand brake or sometimes foot pedal. This allows for a personal touch each time the mountain coaster is ridden. The alpine coaster combines the excitement of a roller coaster with the control of a go-kart, making it a must-try experience for thrill-seekers.

A young man rides the Branson Coaster.

A young man travels down the Branson Mountain Coaster.

Are these coasters safe?

Closed looped alpine coasters and one way mountain coasters are definitely thrilling and offer something truly unique. Safety is always a top priority when it comes to any kind of amusement park ride. These alpine coasters are engineered with safety systems that ensure the protection of the riders, but unfortunately accidents can still happen if the rules and regulations are not followed. It’s important to listen to ride attendants, follow safety protocols and restrictions, and ensure that all safety equipment is properly fastened before getting on the mountain coaster.

Safety and regulation guidelines for alpine coasters

Safety and regulation guidelines for alpine coasters are a crucial aspect of any amusement park or theme park. There are industry standards and regulations in place that these rides must meet:

  • Proper maintenance: It’s important to make sure that the mountain coaster is well maintained and inspected regularly.
  • Regular inspections: Inspections and tests are regularly performed by a certified technician.
  • Evacuation plan: An evacuation plan should be in place in case of an emergency.
  • Emergency medical care: Onsite staff should have some knowledge of emergency medical action plan case a rider is injured.
  • Communication: Staff should have a reliable communication system in place to call for help if necessary.
  • Supervision: Trained staff should be present at all times while the alpine coaster is in operation.
  • Age and height restrictions: The mountain coaster may have age or height restrictions that riders must adhere to.
  • Safety equipment: All safety equipment, such as the lap bars, must be checked and properly fastened before each ride.
  • Weight restrictions: Riders must meet weight restrictions, which is usually 300 pounds or less.
  • Seat restraints: All riders must wear seat restraints at all times.
  • Limitations on speed: Riders should not exceed the speed limit set by the ride operators.
  • No consumption of alcohol or drugs: Riders should not consume alcohol or any other intoxicating substance prior to riding the coaster.
  • Follow instructions: All passengers must follow instructions from ride attendants and observe all posted signs and warnings.

By following these guidelines, riders can ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable experience on the alpine coaster. With safety in mind, you can be sure to have a thrilling ride that will make unforgettable memories.

What to expect during your ride on a manual/alpine coaster

As you prepare for your first ride on a mountain or alpine coaster, it’s important to know what to expect. Once you are strapped in, either by yourself or with a child, you decide what speed to go at. Usually, the amusement park will have all day alpine coaster passes that allow you to take unlimited rides, one always different form the last. If this is your first time riding a mountain coaster, and you’re feeling nervous we recommend starting off slow. Pull on your hand lever at the start of your decent then slowly release until your reach a comfortable speed to enjoy navigating through twists and turns. Some alpine slide tracks even feature long winds drops and sharp uphill’s to add an extra thrill to your mountain coaster experience. And don’t worry about a bumpy ride – these coasters are designed with smooth, comfortable seating and safety features to keep you secure. So, sit back, enjoy the alpine coaster.

One of the top spots for alpine coasters is Branson, Missouri

Located in the heart of the Ozarks, Branson, Missouri offers breathtaking views and exhilarating rides on its alpine coasters. Locals and tourists that travel to Branson rave about the unique combination of beauty and adventure. With twists, turns, and drops that will leave you wanting more, these specifically engineered amusement park alpine coasters take you on a thrilling ride through the mountain hills and valleys of the Ozarks. Whether you’re a coaster enthusiast or just looking to add exciting travel stop to your vacation, Branson is the perfect destination for anyone looking to take advantage of an affordable yet thrilling alpine coaster experience.

What sets The Branson Coaster apart from the competition?

The Branson Coaster is America‘s first double alpine coaster located at 2115 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616. Zip around the scenic Ozarks in our one-or-two–person sleds, controlling your own speed as you race down the mountain. With a gravity–fed experience like no other, the Branson Coaster is perfect for mountain coaster, downhill coaster, and gravity coaster enthusiasts of any age.

Our double alpine coaster has a total track length of about 2,700 feet. It reaches speeds up to 30 miles per hour and the descent covers 860 vertical feet, featuring rolling hills, banked turns, thrilling drops, and an underground tunnel.

After leaving the loading station, you will begin your first downhill section which lasts about 1 minute. Afterwards you pulled up the mountain via a cable system. This 2-minute process is a great chance to enjoy the scenery and watch fellow riders on their mountain coaster journey.

After the cable system, gravity takes over and riders start their second downhill section. Following this final downhill section, you are then pulled back up to the loading station via another cable-pull ascent. Mountain coasters in Branson typically consist of one downhill section, however the Branson Coaster has many downhill and uphill sections throughout the ride.

For thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, The Branson Coaster is a must-see attraction, and it’s not just a daytime thrill, at night our alpine coaster lights up with mesmerizing colors, creating a whole new experience like no other. With its gorgeous views, unique control system, and mesmerizing lighting, The Branson Mountain coaster is a must-see adventure for anyone visiting the area.

If this has piqued your interest, then contact The Branson Coast for more information! Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just some scenic views with friends and family, the manual/alpine coaster provides the perfect blend of fun and excitement. At it’s core, rides like these offer many people priceless memories that will last a lifetime — solidifying excited laughter and unforgettable moments forever!


Andrew Bledsoe